Dutson - Ham Radio - FTDX9000

Yaesu HF Rig

Not sure why, but I really want one of these rigs.
Production is scheduled for 2005.

Take a look at the Brochure. It is a PDF file.

List price for the 200 watt version is 11,500.
List price for the 400 watt version is 13,500.
There has to be more difference than just 200 watts for an extra two grand.

Update 9/1/05

Well, I did it!
I ordered the FTDX9000D with blue display
from George at Houston Amateur Radio Supply.

It is scheduled for delivery to my house at the end of September.

Update 10/31/05

It is finally here!
I put it in the place formerly reserved for my top CW rig, the Ten-Tec Orion.
The Orion is temporarily positioned on top of the new rig until its new place is prepared.
The FTdx9000D is HUGE!. This is evident when comapred to the Orion which is a large radio.
It is also very heavy, weighing in at 66 pounds.
See first photos below (click for larger image).

Update 11/04/05

Just before ordering the 9000, I ordered a new Alpha 87A Omega.
It arrived Wednesday. It is the perfect match for the 9000.

Update 1/21/07

The 9000 now has a mate. It has the umber display.
Here are some shots ot the new multi-2 station.

Update 7/3/09

Latest shots of The multi-2 station.