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New Cam

November 19, 2001

The TransAm was repaired at Xcessive Performance and picked up Monday, November 19.

Work done included fresh rings and bearings and a new, slightly more agressive cam. Here are some photos of the motor being assembled.


(click photo for larger image)

Head 1 installed

Intake port

Exhaust port

Rocker shaft studs

Hex-adjust timing chain

Gasket on for head 2

Head 2 unwrapped

Valve closeup

Head 2 installed

Passenger side
Jesel rockers

Top view

But wait, where's the cam! <wink>

Yes, I did more than refresh the block. Here are the pieces and specs:

1. Cam Motion 226.3/226.2 (dura) .590/.591 (lift) 113.7 (LSA)
2. New Pontiac roller lifters
3. Comp Cams chromemoly pushrods
4. Jesel 1.7 roller rockers
5. Xcessive custom heads/valves/springs
6. Hex-adjust timing chain
7. Xcessive modified oil pump

UPDATE - 1/12/01

A "dyno day" was set up at Xcessive by Tiffany for HFB members. At first I did not think it was appropriate to dyno at this time because I am using a MAF Translator with IRS MAF and have known problems at WOT. The exhaust smell after a run up to redline indicates the mixture is way too rich. Accordingly I have decided to dump the MAF and Translator in favor of a new recalibrated MAF available from SLP. They also offer a modified LS6 intake that has a port for EGR. I figured it would be best to wait until these parts are installed.

Then I learned LS1.COM had also set up a "dyno day" at MTI for the same day. This would be an excellent opportunity to compare dyno results from the two shops. So, I went over to MTI at 9:30 and was third in line. I was done by 11:00 and then went over to Xcessive, hoping to get a pull there. Luckily, a lot of the people who signed up did not show by noon, so I got in by 1:30.

As suspected, both dyno runs (see below) produced low torque and horsepower numbers. The owner of Xcessive was surprised at the numbers and wants me to bring the car back for more analysis next week. He wants the numbers to be better and is willing to invest some dyno time to get the torque up where it should be for a heads/cam/headers engine. So I will call next week for an appointment.

MTI Dyno Results

Xcessive Dyno Results