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Spohn Torque Arm

February 22, 2003

The new Spohn torque arm from Motorsport Technologies arrived February 13. Installation was scheduled for Saturday the 22nd. I arrived at the shop at 9:30 and waited for the doors to open at 10:00. By 10:30 the car was up on the lift and the stock arm was being removed.

(click photo for larger image)

The stock arm comes out.

No, that pinion in the last photo did not come out of the rear end! :)

The new arm goes in.

It was immediately discovered that the Y-pipe does not fit with the integrated drive shaft loop. The shop foreman told me the Y-pipe could be rebuilt to fit, but it would take a lot of work. He suggested the loop be cut off. I agreed. It could be re-welded later if desired. Also, it is unlikely the drive shaft will get past the massive cross member if it breaks.

The arm is fitted without the drive shaft.

With drive shaft in place, the arm is finally bolted in place.

Note the cross brace bolts into the stock cross member holes. The mechanic said this arm is a new model that just became available. The previous model required removal of the front seats for relocated bolt holes.

First driving impressions:

When I drove away from the shop there were new noises inside the car, and they were not subtle! Since this new arm is mounted with a poly bushing, all of the drive train noises that collect at the rear end are transmitted to the cross brace directly beneath the front seats. At first it was some cause for concern, but my first launch with a bit of power put a smile on my face that erased that thought. The car takes off with absolutely no body flex. I then realized that the stock arm must have been designed to flex somewhat like a bow, cushioning the drive line shock. That flex is gone now, and the car feels like one solid unit that moves forward instantly at launch. It goes straight as an arrow with no hint of sideways movement. I can't wait to try the new setup with slicks at the trrack.