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SLP Intake

February 8, 2002

The new intake parts arrived from SLP yesterday! They will be installed this weekend if I can get my friend to help.

Here are some photos of the parts.

SLP Intake Parts

(click photo for larger image)

All parts

LS6 intake

Smooth bellows, 85mm MAF

TCS logic module

The intake manifold is from GM. It has been modified to accept the EGR tube from earlier LS1 motors.

The TCS logic module is not part of the intake. It reverses the operation of the traction control system switch so that the switch is initially off at engine start.

February 11, 2002

There are no photos, but these parts were installed at Brian's place Saturday, February 9. Many thanks to Robert Beggs, Brian Grimal and Tiffany Guidry for providing time, tools and guidance.

Robert and I took the car for a test drive. The motor runs much smoother now and power is quite linear across the entire rpm band from 2000 to 6600. Hopefully this will lead to consistency in the 2002 season at the Car Club Bash.

February 23, 2002

UTI had a dyno day and I took the car there to see how much power was added. The first pull was 408 HP, but the operator lifted just above 6000 RPM. The next three pulls were to redline with the best showing 411.2 HP and 375 lb-ft torque. The power was still climbing at 6600 RPM so there will be a few more HP if the redline is raised to 7000.

It is hard to believe the LS6 intake and 85 mm MAF picked up about 35 HP. I am thinking that the MAF translator was reducing power by at least 15 HP.